Monday, October 10, 2016

I took a road trio out to California this last week. I wrote a bunch of Haiku on the trip.

ditches filled with green
farmers waiting to harvest
low clouds over corn

Small black silhouettes
standing in yellow pastures
wilting sunflowers

large silver silos
waiting to be filled with grain
standing in clusters
rolling plains around
adorned dreadlocks with wood beads
tell me where I'm at

yellow grasses sway
same roosters different sky line
with horses yelling

head stones among sage
famous dead outlaws lie lost
what a view from here

bushes that look like buffalo
shadows of shadows
a land filled with ghost
( not a 5-7-5, but I like it.)

black sky and black ground
my eyes see no difference
Arizona sleep

fighting in the dark
white and red battle it out
Hello Sir Helgi

palm fronds on hot wind
sushi served on white platters
Santa Monica

on top of a hill
stone blocks and trees stands Getty
many eyes looking

awake before Dawn
I am surprised to be cold
at Great Western War

clanking of bottles
I sit thinking of haiku
last nights reverie

next to a shit truck
I'm pondering yesterday
trying to let go

Owls in the night
what are they talking about
hopefully good things

many miles seen
watching our shadow fly by
desert to grassland.

The whole trip is now memory.

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